Why choose Geodis? – Our HR Policy & Commitment

Geodis Graduate Training Programme

HR Policy

Our goal is to support and encourage every member of our team to contribute to our culture of high performance and total customer satisfaction. This is underpinned by the values that form the core of our strategy:


At Geodis, excellence comes as standard. We support our people to achieve the highest standards and create value for our customers at every opportunity.


We encourage our teams to develop fresh ideas through innovative thinking. In this way, we are all able to drive the continuous improvement of the business and enjoy truly satisfying and fulfilling roles.


With employees on all continents, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ needs at a local level.


Our collaborative and participative culture means that every individual can contribute to our shared success – and enjoy the rewards of our achievements.


We strongly believe in recognising, valuing and respecting the part that everyone here plays in our business. We are also committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities we work in; creating an inclusive culture that recognises each person as an individual.

Blue Attitude

As a European leader in transport and logistics, we wish to set an example in sustainable development. In 2008, we set up our sustainable development programme, Blue Attitude. The aim is to coordinate the initiatives conducted by the Group over a number of years.

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